Sunday, May 2, 2010

American Foods

Hello, everybody!

I was just thinking about this today, though I admit I am often reminded of all the foods that I desperately want to eat. So, this is my list of American foods that I will be consuming in great quantities upon my return to the US.

  1. Macaroni and Cheese. -- Really, there need be no explanation. Mac & cheese is one of my favorite foods ever, and I haven't eaten it since ... uhm... FAR TOO LONG.
  2. American-style breakfast. -- I eat tartines every day. Give me some PANCAKES and scrambled eggs, some bacon, bagels, or any breakfast excursion to Chik-fil-A. Shame on me for many of these, but yeah. OH, and SUGARY CEREAL! Where are my Lucky Charms?! :D
  3. PB&J-- Yeahhh. Peanut butter doesn't exist here.
  4. COOKIES! Brownies, cake-with-legit-frosting. -- I could make these but it's not the same. Give me some cookie cake or anything with frosting...
  5. Phish Food flavor of Ben & Jerry's. ... This one is pretty self-explanatory. Abundance of ice cream, not much Ben & Jerry's, besides the fact that it's 5 euros, which is like $7. OH, AND Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip!
  6. Mexican food. (wait, that's not American, but uhm, who's being technical? Mexico is in North America. Thus American...?)
  7. PASTA with non-meat-sauce or pasta with not-ketchup-and-Gruyere.
  8. Barbeque. -- Again, I'm a bit ashamed of this one, but let's be honest... that stuff is good.
  9. Pop-tarts!-- should have included this with breakfast, but it's rare that I eat pop-tarts as breakfast.
  10. Hershey's Chocolate. -- Okay, so this one is unfair. There's loads of chocolate here, really good chocolate like Lindt and such. But, some cheap chocolate that you can eat in one sitting? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Okay, I just proved my co-presidency of the Fattie Club. Happy May!

P.S. It was blog about food, blog about my recent spaz-dom about colleges, or blog about the fact that I now realize I'm Bilingual. I'd like to pretend this is the best of the three. But that may just be because I'm eating fail pasta...