Tuesday, August 31, 2010



I was going to write in French but then I realized that I have something besides the daily workings of my life to discuss, so I will postpone le français for another day.

(Side note: did you realize how much of my last post RHYMED?! Completely unintentional. My brain just works like that sometimes.)

Today, Molly and I were discussing bisous, as in the French air-kisses. The premise of the conversation was the question about whether or not it would be possible for bisous to be introduced to American society, similar to how I introduced our affinity for hugs to my circle of French friends.

We both have been to Europe and experienced that style of greeting, and neither of us mind it very much. I would even go so far as to say that we like it, and I kind of miss that as part of my daily interaction with friends. Bisous add a different level to friendship, even though they are used so casually in countries like France. ALMOST casually, but not quite. Like how we give out hugs so easily, but it expresses more than just waving. It adds a physical-but-not-sexual level to the relationship that cannot really be expressed in another way. What if Americans accepted bisous as another level of interaction with friends? Would it work?

This brings us to sociology, which is basically the study of culture, and that means its impact on our lives and developement. Sociology, and our culture, affects every aspect of our lives, even if we don't notice it. Our social development and status are based on sociology. The immediate perceptions and definition of our very SELF is rooted in sociology, and the expectations that our society places upon us as individuals, as members of a greater group.

In European society, bisous are accepted and welcomed. It has become part of the definition of who they are. Molly and I agreed, that we didn't think that bisous could be accepted within American society, because the interaction is not a societal norm. Changing such a thing would be next to impossible, as anybody experiencing that kind of interaction for the first time would be incredibly confused about the reason.

That got me thinking about how different the culture of a particular area forces you to act in a certain way. I do miss the way I had to act in France, but only in the sense that I feel like I'm losing that feeling of it being "normal", when here, it is extraordinarily strange. It makes me think back to freshman year (or was it earlier? later?) when some teacher (I think it was my seminar World History teacher, who is a legend) brought up the idea about how much DIFFERENT your life would be if you were born in a different time, or a different place. What would you be like? What would the social norms be? What would you wish for in your time or place, or what would you consider to be ridiculous?

Just thinking.

P.S. I'm such a humanities nerd.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Carrots in Ranch


Mondays seem to have lost their sting. When every day is filled to the brim, bursting with things, I can't help but lose the terror that Monday brings. Every day is Monday, but not quite. Every day is starting again, since sometimes evenings turn out to be fun, and then it's back to being serious.

I hid my bruised legs, despite the sweltering heat. The darkening bruise (which is healing) on my calf keeps me from baring my legs in the remaining summer heat, which still burns as though it's July. The leafs and acorns are falling now, changing already into a yellow shade, crunching under the wheels of my car. I am tempted to make myself fancy breakfast of eggs and waffles, with cups of cranberry juice and then hot chocolate, but I realize too early that I am not motivated or hungry enough for that. It comes with a mood, a bit later on in fall. It isn't even truly fall yet, just fall in act.

We, collectively, as in students, pretend that our lives are organized by the timing of school. Our social calendar acts around the way school is, but season never quite comes into play in our minds, at least not the way it should. It is STILL summer, and some kids are still at home or vacationing. It is "fall" for us already, since for us, summer ended a week ago. The summer that we consider to be true summer has passed, and while the temperatures remain the same, we are now confined to buildings where we are tricked into thinking that it is much colder, much later in the year.

Everything's always rushed now. They put off cross-country practice today, due to the heat. But looking at my classes, realizing how soon everything is due, and the lack of time to do it... I don't have a choice. It has to be done, and though I don't always mind doing it, sometimes it is a hassle to organize my thoughts into school-like coherency. My English vocabulary is still rebuilding from the devastating blow of French, while I falter in my practice of French, slipping far too easily back into English. I want to walk around one day, refusing to speak in English. I can learn and interpret in different languages. Perhaps the others can't, but I want to.

The work in so many of my classes gets confused in my head. Sociology, Business Law, AP US History, Shakespeare, and English. So many connecting threads, all bound together in this knot in my head. I have to draw each one out slowly, trying not to tear the strand of knowledge, the small bit of understanding and the details that make each class unique. I love the classes, but I could do without some of the work. I know the purpose, though, and I don't entirely object. I only wish my time could be passed in both fun and interesting pursuits. School is interesting, and only fun in the way that a nerd like me can consider school to be fun.

A demain, mes amis. Je vais parler en francais, je crois. Si j'ai le temps!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cookies & Cream


Sometimes, all I need is a day where I'm not stressed out over something-or-other (probably insignificant), where I am too busy to stop and think, too happy to worry about what this week or this season or this year holds for me. Today was one of those days, and I am exhausted now, but in a great mood (despite the fact that I realize that I have homework to finish that I forgot about in the rush of everything else). It doesn't bother me that I didn't accomplish much today, because it my eyes, not accomplishing much other than selfish pleasure and FUN is acceptable. It IS the weekend, after all.

I woke up relatively early today, though I refused to get out of bed, choosing instead to lie there with the blinds open a bit to enjoy the light and the cool temperature of my room, where it is perpetually too much of an extreme. After grocery shopping, I ate lunch with my family-- not that we're really that great at "family time" anyway, since we tend to disperse to seperate rooms, often with lights off, each glued to our respective computers, pretending for that moment that interaction with our family is not needed. I didn't mind today, but sat at the bare table alone, reading Paper Towns and thinking about wanderlust again.

Shortly after, I left once again to head to Molly's, where we made a great card for Tori's birthday (which was yesterday) and wrapped (me: complicated weaving covering the Christmas wrapping paper, Molly: scraps of wrapping paper that didn't cover the box of Animal Crackers) part ONE of her gifts, and then delivered them. A quick jaunt to Colin's, then a stop at Juice Shop (out of the way, but delicious) to get Grant a smoothie, then to Grant's. Of course we got distracted by filling random things in to Grant's calendar, before deciding to stop by our freshman (of the year, we generally choose a few freshmen to be "ours", which means we adopt them and do our best to include them) Caroline's house-- her family's reactions were hysterical, and we'll definitely be going back, especially since she wasn't there! Then back to Colin's, before dinner at Molly's (hot dogs!), and out to a new ice-cream parlor (Cookies and Cream). Delicious and Fattie Club, best way to end any day.

And now I'm doing homework, knowing that I'll have to be up early again tomorrow for school. First FULL week of school, but I feel more mentally prepared now. Today makes this weekend a success in my book.

See you again tomorrow!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beer Brat(wurst)


Okay, so, today.
Cross-country on that awful course again, but not the same awful course as all the other times it's been awful. The evil you DO know versus the one you don't-- however, it's all very familiar since it's repeated. Over and over and over. Every time the same but different and of COURSE it wasn't what it should have been, but I expected that.

We did succeed, but only half in reality, but two-thirds if you count the kindness. I do, but it's not the same as the actual competition. I did and didn't expect the race to be what it was, and I'm having trouble not being disappointed in myself for the false hope or the false loss, because I don't know which it is anymore. It doesn't make sense. None of this does.

The rest of the day was the kind of summer that I don't always understand the point of. Sweltering heat, shade, poison ivy, people, supposed relaxation, and the overwhelming smell of booze, combined with the sweat of hundreds-maybe-thousands of people standing outside in a field I associate with another time. Bad music playing, but the majority of the crowd wasn't there for the bands. I sat with my phone, talking to people that I don't talk to often enough, if talking and texting is the same. Interesting conversations, but nothing to keep me occupied like being elsewhere, perhaps.

It ended with a legend, but the throng of sweaty bodies impaired the vision, and the sound burst against my chest, deep and suffocating. We left too soon, hearing the snatches of that particular well-known song on the stale air as we left. Dust was everywhere as the cars left behind this day, and the songs of the slowly-being-forgotten band, and I thought to myself that it was rather ironic.

Returned home to emptiness, because once again the house is as it was before I left, with a few more books, perhaps a bit more knowledge added in. The small piece of paper was the only evidence of the eyes of a stranger appraising my home.

Chilly water with poor pressure rinsed off the stink of the day, and then I drove to Colin's for some conversation and a smoothie. The time passed too quickly, though as always the promise to return lingers, sometimes spoken out loud but understood nonetheless.

I am home again, sleepy, and I am not making sense of my own words. Neither are you, I suppose, though I hope you got the meaning the events that I am too lazy to discuss or analyze. Life is busy again, and I have many things that need to be accomplished soon.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Mac & Cheese

I don't feel like blogging today
long story
but this counts as a blog, doesn't it?
Words on a page
telling of my day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010



Back again. Another busy day, and I'm sleepy so, today in form of things I learned!

1. Bagels and conversation = great way to start any day.
2. Not remembering where you learned something doesn't mean it doesn't matter that you learned it.
3. Knowing things that other people don't realize you know can become awkward when you hint at the things you know but they don't realize you're hinting at knowing, since they wouldn't expect you to know.
4. That last sentence is very confusing.
5. Shakespeare is basically the god of the English language.
6. Batman was everybody's favorite superhero, mostly for his costume. xD
7. Multitasking math is, indeed, possible.
8. Broken rolling chairs make good distractions from important things, but are not recommended transportation.
9. Drinking less than 2 or 3 giant water bottles of water a day means you WILL suffer in the sun.
10. Dedication to fun means spending far too much money.

The end.
Bedtime, since I'm done early?! (I could write more but I WANT TO SLEEEEEEP!)
A demain!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



So, the last first day of High School. Very surprisingly, more awesome than ever, but more work than ever. Not sure how that works out, but I am pleased. If I am not swallowed by my courseload, I will be very happy, though probably exhausted.

My teachers are all great, which is an exciting change, as every year, there is that one teacher that is less than what you expected. This year, my schedule is packed with difficult classes with teachers that have some sort of reputation, though for the most part, that reputation is one of being one of the best teachers at Tabor.

I'm particularly excited for Shakespeare, English, and AP US History (though the last one is a class where I know few other students, since they are for the most part, juniors). The groups of people in English and Shakespeare are pretty cool, and I spent most of English laughing and eating, so what more could I ask for?! ;)

I spent my study hall period running around with Duncan, attempting to figure out what we could do, given the new limitations on study hall. At least I HAVE a study hall, and hopefully that time and my "travel period" will allow me to finish all that I have to do every day before a very unreasonable time of the night. Though I didn't have much homework today, it was all time-consuming, and I fear it will only get worse.

Today was great, though :) Especially by first-day standards.
(Also, I thought this post would be longer but I got distracted and it's late now and I have another busy day tomorrow, so unfortunately, I have once again blogged in a very brief manner. This still counts towards blogging though! I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP MY MISSION!)

Best Quote of the Day: "If you don't have a life, GET ONE! Starting today!" (It sounds motivational, but it was more along the lines of the teacher wanting everybody to be so busy that they basically explode. She was only kind of kidding, though.)


P.S. The food of the day is Jambalaya, since that's a spicy Cajun food, and what I had for dinner. Lunch and breakfast weren't spectacular so far as food goes. I will try to amend that tomorrow. :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010




Today was busy! Spent most of the day at the library. Project DONE, yayyy! Classes worked out for dual enrollment-- very strange story. Cross-country was good, tomorrow is first day of school EEP and it's REALLY LATE!


P.S. Sorry this is fail, I just finished everything and I still have more to do to be ready for tomorrow!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Granola Bar


Okay, so, today I’ll be writing in English, though yesterday’s post is definitely not the last post I’ll be writing in French just because I can…


My first day of Forsyth Tech went surprisingly well. I was EARLY, but my teacher was late, so I stood anxiously in the quickly-emptying hallway and fidgeted, while obsessively checking my phone for the time. Eventually he showed up (about six minutes late), and the class began. There were only SEVEN of us there, which was REALLY WEIRD. Is that how it works at community colleges, or did everybody just…skip?

We were discussing Ethics and Law, which is really quite fascinating, though the chapter in the book is TWENTY-SIX pages long (so after working on it for a good chunk of my day and taking probably unnecessary notes, I’m on page 18). I really hope every chapter won’t be like that, because I fear that might be a bit too much reading, even for me. Unfortunately, I encountered so many problems with my Sociology class that I didn’t even get started on that today.

I logged on to Blackboard, only to discover that I WASN’T enrolled in any online classes. So I called the help desk, only to be put on hold for 10 minutes and hang up. I then called the Dual Enrollment organizer, only to find out that she will be gone until Friday (unless she’s forgotten to change her voicemail…), and then i called Tech Support AGAIN, only to be on hold for 15 minutes before actually talking to an actual person, who told me that I was enrolled in the class from their end, and that I’d have to contact my teacher to have them open up the course. Unfortunately, I can’t see my teacher’s contact information since it says I’m not enrolled in the class. GAHHHHHH. SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING.

All of that means that I have to deal with more stuff tomorrow, since I didn’t today. Emails, emails, emails, that I don’t have time to do.

Anyway, after all that mess, I went up to my high school to help out one of the “coaches”, Mr Fisher, who is really a math teacher. I got there early (since I’m bad at timing), and ended up staying for the next two hours, dealing mostly with the organization of textbooks, which included putting names into many of them. I gave one of my friends a New book because I could, and then spazzed out later when I found MY old Algebra 2 book. I’m so glad I don’t have to go through that again. I wanted to leave a note for the next owner of that book, but decided not to. I mean, I wouldn’t want to embarrass anybody by being that creepy! … :)

Finally, there was more cross-country, where I ran with a small group of girls, For once, we had a girl from every grade! We were just chilling, a nice, relaxed run. One of the other groups (the “faster” group), walked, which I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, and it annoys me quite a bit but so far as I’m concerned, they can make their own decisions about what they want from their season. I’ll just run with the “slow” group, enjoy myself, and at the end of the day, feel good about what I accomplished.

In other news, Real School starts Wednesday, and I’m still not done with Summer Reading, so I’ll be squeezing that in tomorrow!

A demain, comme d’habitude ;)


Sunday, August 22, 2010



Alors, aujourd’hui, je vais ecrire en français un petit peu :) J’espere que ça te derange pas trop! (Inquietez pas, je vais ecrire apres en anglais pour ceux qui savez pas le français.)

J’ai lavé ma voiture aujourd’hui! Ca prends beaucoup de temps, malheursement, alors je n’ai pas beaucoup fait à partir de ça. En fin, j’ai rien accompli aujourd’hui sauf faire le menage. Apres diner, j’ai fait la cuisine—j’ai fait les scones de myrtille avec un glaçage de citron. Ca m’a fait beaucoup de plaisir, parce que je vais les manger pour petit dejeuner demain matin! Ils sont très bons—mon frère m’a dit ça et il dit jamais les choses gentils au sujet de la cuisine que je fais! xD Mon premier cours de l’ecole à l’universite est demain matin, à 8h. Je ne suis pas pret!

En fin, j’ai dit au revoir à Via et maintenant, je vais au lit! :D


Okay, In ENGLISH now! :D I just wanted to practice my French, since the only time I write in French is when I talk to my French friends… unfortunately, that’s never frequently enough, due to my busy schedule and the 6 hour time difference. Anway, I hope that didn’t annoy you too much, and any of you that speak French, feel free to correct me ;)

Today, I ended up washing my car, though I didn’t originally plan to. That took up most of the day, so I really didn’t do much else! I didn’t end up accomplishing anything today except a few chores. After dinner, I baked—I made blueberry scones with lemon icing, which are DELICIOUS, and a smoothie with leftover blueberries, some raspberries, strawberries, and cranberry juice. The scones will DEFINITELY be my breakfast tomorrow, and even my brother (who never compliments my cooking!) said they were good! xD

My first class at the community college is tomorrow morning at 8, so I have to get up reallyyyy early :( Luckily, I’ll have scones to look forward to as breakfast, instead of cereal! I’m not ready for this at all, so I really hope I’ll survive—I guess I’ll talk about it tomorrow?

After all that, I went over to Via’s to say goodbye, but didn’t cry. I’m still trying not to think about the fact that so many of my friends are so far away. GAHH MY LIFE IS BORING!

I’m going to bed now :)



P.S. What would you say if I make EVERY blog post from this month a food-title? I think I’ll make it my Thing.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Popsicles and Ice Cream

Hello again!

See what I said about blogging every day? I’m making this happen.

So, today was BUSY. Not that every day isn’t, but today was borderline hectic.

We had a long run this morning. My run was strangely satisfying. I wore my NEW SHOES which are the same as Molly’s shoes, which was of course, completely unintentional. It was sunny again, thus really humid, after all the rain we’ve had lately. My shoes are ALREADY dirty, but hopefully they won’t smell as bad as my spikes do anytime soon.

(For you non-cross-country-runners, spikes are the racing shoes we wear… and they have a very pungent odor. I refuse to take mine out of the box, and they stay in a corner of the basement where the stench can’t hurt the quality of life…)

Our coach brought Popsicles for us for after the run (YAY! TREATS!), and since there were so many of them, Molly and I got three each. We were laughing, being like “oh, Fattie Club is BACK IN SESSION!” and “I wonder if we can make this a thing?”, so Coach Cromwell took us off to the side for a Lecture. It wasn’t so much of a Lecture as it was an Expression of Worry About Our Mental Health, which made it rather humorous. But, in a way, it was complimentary and I think both Molly and I realized how awkward and difficult it must be for him to confront “girly” problems (even if they are perceived as problems, but aren’t).

Though it is funny to note his reaction to us senior girls with our water-guns at yesterday’s practice and then what he said to Molly and I today. We’re just enigmas. :)

Other than that, I spent today shopping for books with my mother, which ended in me getting a couple books from the Free Shelf (ONE IS A PLAY IN FRENCH!) and lots of Shakespeare. She finally showed me the houses she likes, one of which we will hopefully buy… as soon as our house sells.

After all that, I went to Via’s house (with Molly) to help her pack for college. That was fun, but the reasoning is sad. It SUCKS to say goodbye, and she’s not ready to leave. For that matter, I’m not ready for any of my “ex-senior” friends to be gone. I know I’ll keep in touch somehow and this won’t be goodbye forever (at least, I SINCERELY hope not!), but still, the whole people-leaving thing is just not fun as leaving yourself.

During all that, we stopped by Cold Stone. Hence, ice cream. Delicious, FattieClub worthy, ice cream. YAYYY SUMMER! (I’m holding on to Summertime for dear life, though I could do with some nice fall-like temperatures…)

A demain! ;)


Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello, everybody!

So, I’ve been back from France for a month-and-several-days, and time is still passing far too quickly. I’ve got less than a week until school starts again, and to be honest, I’m not at ALL ready. I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that this is my last year of high school, though I’ve been worrying excessively about colleges since about April.

In other news, I’ve been REALLY busy lately, which is why I haven’t yet finished the last two blog posts from France. Sorry about that. Part of the reason is that finishing those posts feels like saying goodbye to that time in my life. I’m still holding on to the memories and the people I met there, my friends and “dreamland”.

Since I’m not that great at blogging or keeping up with this blog, I’ve decided that I’m dedicating this month to be my National Blog Posting Month, which is rather like NaNoWriMo, except it’s basically any time you like. I’ll be blogging daily until September 19th, even if it’s a small post. During this time, expect the last couple blog posts about France, and a few other big posts with excessive pictures. However, it’ll all depend on my schedule—cross-country season is nearly here for good (not just pre-season), and I’ll be busy with college applications, classes, and volunteering soon enough. With a bit MORE luck, I’ll be able to keep up with my French by tutoring others in French, since they cut the AP French program. Basically, if you know anybody that wants to learn French or is struggling with French, let me know, and I’ll see if I can help! ;)

(In reference to the “volunteering” thing—I’m applying to volunteer at the public library! I turned in the application yesterday, before settling in for an hour and some of working on school stuff. I love libraries :D)

Last night was Orientation (at least I didn’t have to go to REAL orientation in the silly clothes I wore to the “What Not To Wear skit” for Freshman orientation in the morning. The Freshman are probably embarrassed about the seniors xD), so I got to “meet” my teachers, though I more-or-less know them all. I’m really excited for my English class, because I have it with Molly, Matt, and Duncan… though I feel sorry for my teacher.

My dual enrollment classes begin Monday. With luck, I’ll be able to change my study hall to be a study hall with French… so that I can speak in French for an hour of my day!

In a strange way, I’m excited for this year. I just know it’ll be hard and crazy, though I think I can handle it. Don’t hold me to that one, though, because I’m probably going to spaz out in a few weeks!