Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 22nd...


Happy Earth Day! I hope you hugged a tree today.

Other than Earth Day, today marks four months here.

Like many of the previous 22nd's, I was joyous and hopeful about today. Four months. Milestone.
But like the rest of them, the 22nd has bad timing. I had it all figured out during the last two weeks, and I was living what I wanted. I can back here, thought a lot, and discovered how very difficult it is to get back into the swing of things. And today, of course, was a complete downward spiral to this moment, right now.

*hugs pillow tightly*

You guys, France used to be that place in my mind where I'd go to looking for escape. I "escaped" to here, changed my life and I've been changing. But home is that place now. Homehomehome. Only 2 months to go and I know I can make it through, but at moments like THIS....

I shouldn't be spending this evening bawling my eyes out. But I really can't stop myself right now.

I miss you guys so much. Can you apparate over here now? Or can I just *pop* over there?

(on the bright side, I sent postcards today! 10. That brings the count down to 16, so you may want to get on that if you want a postcard. I'll be sending another stack next week sometime.)

*goes back to hugging pillow and thanking the vacation hosts for all the kleenex*

NOTE: (later)
Okay, so French friends are awesome, I love them, and that cry was probably long overdue. I'm feeling much better now, so please go over the MAlly Chat and read the post I wrote YESTERDAY which is a much more accurate what's-up-with-me lately post. Sorry for the fail, but I still won't deny any hugs.