Friday, February 4, 2011

Seven Stages of Procrastination


It's obviously quite late, which means this blog post will not be high quality. What do you expect from a procrastinator, anyway?

NaBloPoMo had a pretty good prompt today, and one that works quite well for me at the moment. (List seven things you do when you procrastinate.) I'm going to interpret that a bit differently, though, because the seven things I do when I procrastinate (or twenty...) come in stages.

Stage 1: "I should really..." Instead, I eat something. Preferably junk food, like Mac & Cheese.
Stage 2: "Now I can start working, I'm full!"... well, after I finish this episode of (insert TV show name).
Stage 3: "That was so good! I guess I can focus now!"... on talking to my friends on Skype.
Stage 4: "I should really.... (do chores)." Turn on music to dance along to while cleaning. Turn off music. Turn on youtube, sit.
Stage 5: *too busy laughing at youtube videos and commenting to focus*
Stage 6: "NO MORE OF THAT!" ... Go put up dirty dishes from earlier junk food eating. Do some chores.
Stage 7: "Look at the time." Usually, around 10:30. Or later, if I've been successful.

Hey, look at the time. I need to go take a shower/do chores/read/write/do homework. You know, important stuff.