Thursday, September 2, 2010

Garlic Potatoes


Today was long, thanks to the fact that I am RIDICULOUSLY exhausted.

I have NEWS today!
1. I have to start wearing my retainers again, which kind of sucks, and I have to get a new bottom retainer (which sucks and is pricey), BUT the orthodontist is fairly certain my teeth will be able to return to nearly-as-good-as-post-braces! Which is good. And means I won't have to get braces again, which is great :)
2. My guidance counselor is AMAZING, and is making my life so much easier. Since Molly and I have decided to think of one person every day that we appreciate in our lives... today, the person whose presence in my life I appreciate is my guidance counselor. (I spend wayyy too much time at the Guidance Office. Seriously. I have so many Big Important Things to deal with that I feel like I live at Guidance this year.)
3. ... Well, I don't have a third thing that is new.

ANYWAY. Today was exhausting and long, but surprisingly good. I've been done with homework for a while! Tomorrow is Friday, and us seniors are leading a non-official practice. Fun run, whoooo! Though it will be hot and humid and gross, spending time with the other three senior girls is awesome. They're all such great people :)

I'll be taking the SAT again. Not exciting test, but HOPEFULLY I will get a better score. Lots of thanks to Yasmina for the study materials... :)

Labor day weekend = college friends coming home = JOY! <3

A demain!