Monday, September 20, 2010



Final day of my Blog Posting Month! I have a story to tell.

I generally don't think of myself as the type of person that actively seeks revenge. I confront problems, sure, but I am a very forgiving person. Unfortunately, I'm also a very determined person, and when I feel that an apology is necessary, I expect an apology. A week after the insult ("unintentional", but only in the sense that you can say something and make an opinion based on something that is offensive...), after the words of our teammate and the coach... an apology hadn't been given, and the plan was in motion.

The eggs sat, wrapped in bubble-wrap, inside a small cooler; this sat on the floor of my car since last Thursday, when the plan was supposed to happen but didn't. We left it there, waiting for the words that would signal our abandonment of the plan; they never came. The decision was made by practice today, and we continued to be patient, waiting until the end of practice to see if they would say anything. They didn't, of course, and we figured out how to ambush the select few (the order changed, since one of the guilty ones was not there).

While they were distracted by the requested babbling, we unpacked the eggs, clasping them in our hands, hidden behind our backs as we approached our respective targets. With a look, we brought justice down on their heads simultaneously, with the odor of stinky egg and the satisfying SPLAT of cracking eggs.

A demain!

P.S. Their reactions were great; only one understood our purpose, the others were quite upset. We'll see what they do. I don't care that much, because that sweet, sweet revenge was rather stinky. :)